Time for Another Facelift


  Yep, this will actually be my second one! At this point you’re most likely looking for a photo of me and thinking, she didn’t get her moneys worth the first time.   No, I’m not talking about my face or me; I’m talking about my website! Woman’s InSite is undergoing changes for the better. I can’t believe where I started and how fast things change but technology demands that I get mobile responsive so you all can read my site easier on your phones and tablets since … [Read more...]

Why Failing Your New Year’s Resolution is Good for You


  It's that time of year again. The time when you set New Year's Resolutions that you are determined to stick to this year.  I'm here to tell you that failing your New Year's Resolutions is one of the best things that can happen to you. Let me explain... What is a New Year's Resolution? A New Year's Resolution is when you make a promise that you are going to improve some aspect of your life from January 1st, forward, and that it will become a permanent aspect of your life. The … [Read more...]

Breakfast, Body-Fat, and Bad News…

Healthy Breakfast23

  If you are not doing this one thing when you wake up, then everyday you are adding on body-fat… If you are not doing this one thing when you wake up, then your results are causing you frustration… If you are doing this one thing when you wake up, then you are already achieving the results of having this bit of information That one thing is…‘Eating Within 1-Hour of Waking’.   So why do you want to Eating Within 1-Hour of Waking..? Mainly it should be because … [Read more...]

Apple Immune Booster

apple immunity drink

  It seems like everyone around me has a cough. Perhaps it's spring and the pollen is causing all the respiratory issues? I found an immune boosting drink that taste really good, is super easy to make and seems to be keeping me feeling great despite the coughs and sneezes all around me. Mix in a shaker: 1/2 cup bottled water 1/4 cup organic apple juice 1 Tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar 1/4 teaspoon organic ground cinnamon pinch of sea salt dash of cayenne … [Read more...]

I don’t need any Neck Cream!

wrinkled neck

The other day I went into one of my favorite places to shop for cosmetics and got stalked by a lady hawking neck cream. No kidding! At least I hope you are laughing about this with me! As I walked into the store, she was standing next to a display with this new miracle product that promises to get your neck wrinkles under control. She greeted me and then declared that this miracle cream was on sale for $20 off! She seemed very excited about this fabulous sale. I kind of remember thinking if … [Read more...]

Nip, Tuck and Pump It Up!

Big Ang

  Let’s see how many brave men out there are willing to answer this series of Man Cave questions.  And if you are too scared then you can always answer anonymously. None the less we are all dying to know the answers.   My how the times have changed.  Now days we see women that have been in television for decades and suddenly turn up looking unrecognizable.  In some instances it's very dramatic and morphed looking.  Even a few male stars are attempting to dip their … [Read more...]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Healthy Skin Food

  It’s funny how when we are young we don’t appreciate our youthful skin and health.  We take it for granted until one day we look in the mirror and realize that we are not young as we used to be.  Panic mode sets in and it leaves us scrambling for quick fixes. There are a lot of products that will temporarily help such as lotions, serums and fillers, but if you are not yet on board with these solutions then there are some other more natural approaches you can take that will have a … [Read more...]

I’m Hot! No Really, I’m Hot!

woman cooling off

Up until two years ago, my womanly life was great. Since I was a teenager everything was like clockwork. I’ve always known I was lucky while some of my friends have struggled with various problems. But as the Earth spins, everything comes back around and suddenly I’m in Hot Flash Hell! O yes my friend, the only thing you wanna do is lay naked on a bed of ice. When I feel a hot flash coming on, there is nothing to do but brace myself and hope it doesn’t last long. It’s almost like getting … [Read more...]

Be Like Betty

Betty White

We all have mentors and role models in our lives. We see character traits in people that we admire and strive to emulate them. When we are young, we tend to look up to older siblings or teenagers in the spotlight.  As we get older, our goals shift a little.   When I think back about who has influenced me over the years many people come to mind. One person in particular is my Great Grandmother. She was an amazing, classy and beautiful woman. I still think about the many values that … [Read more...]

Yoga – Make Time for It Now


Anyone that knows me at all knows how much I love my yoga classes. You’ve probably heard me say how great I feel when I finish the class and how my mind is at peace during that hour. I swear that yoga has kept me sane. But I’m also learning how beneficial it is for my health. Sometimes our lifestyle can shorten our muscles. Have you ever strained a muscle doing an everyday activity? For instance, do you spend hours at a desk leaning over a computer keyboard like I do? This can put you at … [Read more...]