Are you getting enough?

How much is enough

  Okay, get your minds outta the gutter here! I’m talking about water, you know, good old H2O? Whenever I hear multiple messages about the same topic I start to feel like I’m meant to pay closer attention. Like I’m being hit over the head with it. Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about how much water you should drink. I get it; most of us don’t drink enough water. In fact, most of us are actually pretty dehydrated and have habitually been in that state for a … [Read more...]

How do you feel about caterpillar eyebrows?

Eyebrow stencil fail

There are many reasons why women follow fashion trends. Sometimes it's to impress or compete with other women. Eyebrow fashions come and go. How do you feel about the current trend that has women using stencils to draw on their eyebrows? Do you think it's sexy?   Would you ever consider doing this to your own brows?   … [Read more...]

I don’t need any Neck Cream!

wrinkled neck

The other day I went into one of my favorite places to shop for cosmetics and got stalked by a lady hawking neck cream. No kidding! At least I hope you are laughing about this with me! As I walked into the store, she was standing next to a display with this new miracle product that promises to get your neck wrinkles under control. She greeted me and then declared that this miracle cream was on sale for $20 off! She seemed very excited about this fabulous sale. I kind of remember thinking if … [Read more...]



I keep thinking about that Saturday Night Live Skit where they would ask incredulously, Really? That’s what I was telling myself the morning that I was to do a live taping for my first television interview. Even though I am WELL past the age of puberty, I woke up with a big honking pimple front and center on my cheek. REALLY? I go months and months with clear skin and on this particular day I get a big honking pimple! All I can think is that I must have been unkind to someone with acne and … [Read more...]

Sued for Being Ugly?

baby Feng

Have you heard the story about Jian Feng suing his wife for having an ugly baby? This story is both hilarious and sad. Hilarious in the way that it's so  crazy and unbelievable. Sad in the way that you can't imagine what this poor child will grow up to feel like. It's just so outrageous that a man would sue a woman for having HIS ugly baby. It seems, a paternity test was ordered and confirmed that he was indeed the father. So now we know that his DNA played a major part in the looks of this … [Read more...]

Embracing New Trends

girls wearing big butterfly clips

I have seen a resurgence of the Big Plastic Butterfly Clip adorning the heads of many women. Research tells me that they first came on the scene in the mid 90’s. I embraced the trend back then since I had very long curls and young children. The 2 didn’t often go well together and the butterfly clip allowed ease and convenience in getting my hair out of the way.  And I thought it was a good look. Everyone was wearing them! But now, as I see them being worn once again, I’m not so sure … [Read more...]