Shampoo Bowl Shenanigans

Woman at Shampoo Bowl

  Christmas is over and it’s time to get prepared to ring in the New Year.  You know what that means….off to the salon.  If you haven’t already made an appointment for hair and nails, then good luck getting in my friends!!  Kathryn and I have been going to Louis at Visible Changes over twenty years for our hair and we have seen and experienced all kinds of things at the salon.  It is a perfect place for people watching and such.  But one of things that we have always joked … [Read more...]

This could qualify as the most embarrassing moment ever!

woman with purse

I have been attempting to get my very good friend, who will go unnamed in this story, to share one of her most embarrassing moments. You probably know her so I won’t divulge her name but let’s just say it starts with a “C” and ends in a “y”. But I promised to keep her identity a secret so I won’t tell you who it is. This is a moment in her life that time stood still for a beat and she wanted to crawl in a hole and disappear from where she stood. But this story is just too funny to … [Read more...]

Do You Love Your Age?

Love your Age

Yesterday I was standing in the grocery store line glancing at the latest magazine headlines, when one in particular jumped out at me. It read “Love Your Age”. Wow what a profound statement. Being a self-proclaimed observer, I always look within myself first.  So I’m thinking …do I feel and act like fifty? What’s so funny is I caught myself making the comparison to what fifty used to be. So am I a fuddy duddy now? What I have noticed is there seems to be line being drawn even … [Read more...]

I Have Come to the Realization That I Can’t Trust Cindy Anymore!

K & C lizard 9

  I think back to when we were first getting to know each other. Cindy and I made a trip to the grocery store together. I should have known right at this moment that Cindy was not to be trusted, EVER! I turned my back for 1 second and she put a HUGE package of pigs feet in my basket! I did not discover them until I was at the checkout counter. Ewwwww gross! I don’t know why they have those in the store. I didn’t even want to touch the package. Does anybody actually eat those? I … [Read more...]

Lessons in Friendship

back stabbing woman

     “A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.” Arnold H. Glasow   That is exactly the kind of friendship that Cindy and I have. I have no doubt in my heart that she will always be there for me and if I happen to be going down, she will be there to catch me. Our friendship spans 25 years and counting. We have been through numerous life changing events together and no doubt will go through many more. I am blessed to have her in my … [Read more...]

WARNING: Don’t Go On Vacation With Us!

Woman Poolside

  Cindy and I have traveled together many times over the years and have some crazy stories to tell from our people watching capers. We have learned that there is definitely an art to spying on people without getting into trouble. If you’re lucky it can start at the airport before you even board the plane!   One time we had the good fortune to encounter our first subject waiting to board a flight to Cozumel. We were seated right beside the check in at the gate where we could size … [Read more...]