Is she your best friend?

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

There is a new question for the man cave. This one is for men in committed relationships. Men are you ready to enlighten us with your opinions and wisdom? It is said that you should marry your best friend. Women place a lot of importance on friendships. We designate who our best friends are. Do you think of the woman in your life as your best friend? Or do you separate your guy best friends and your girlfriend/ wife in different categories of best friends? Or, do you even think about … [Read more...]

Is it Really a Lie?


I've been having an ongoing conversation with my boyfriend for years. It concerns what makes a lie, a lie! I say anything that isn't true is a lie. If you only admit a partial truth in order to conceal something, that's a lie too. Especially if it's to hide your own transgressions, no matter how trivial. I say that some lies are most definitely meant to protect the listener but they are still a lie. He says if a lie is told to protect from hurting someones feelings then it's not really a … [Read more...]

Are You Whipped?


  Gentlemen are you whipped? It’s funny how men tease each other. They are so competitive at everything, especially when it comes to women. And sometimes when one man gets the girl, suddenly leaving his single friend with a lot of free weekends, a little bit of jealousy comes into play.   Now all of a sudden you are whipped! Oh there is so much teasing involved that it can sometimes really hurt the ever so fragile ego. You would be surprised to know that it probably has … [Read more...]

Shopping for Her

Man shopping

  Ok guys, you have been shying away from some of our recent questions so here is a VERY simple one: Do you like your wife/ girlfriend to tell you what gift to get for her or would you rather find something on your own that will surprise her?     … [Read more...]

A Pop Quiz

A Pop Quiz

  Men, get your pencils sharpened cause this is a pop quiz!   When you are in a relationship for any amount of time, it’s important to understand and know anything and everything about your significant “HER” in your life. The question is ….how well do you really know “her”? When you love someone deeply, all facts big or small should be sought out. So if you are sure you know “her”, well then get your pencils ready because here are 3 questions you should … [Read more...]

Junk Jiggling

Man Cave

  Okay Gentlemen, this is definitely one for deep in the Man Cave. It's something that has women everywhere baffled. Something that we totally do NOT relate to and can't even begin to wrap our brains around. It's a little personal so if you blush easily, stop reading now! Here goes: What we want to try to understand is WHY some men, not all, but SOME men have a habit of touching, jiggling, lifting your leg and doing a little jump, putting your hand in your pocket and getting busy, … [Read more...]

How soon do you allow a girlfriend access to your personal information?

Woman looking at boyfriends phone

  For those of you men who are in the dating world, here is a question especially for you: We all know that when entering into a relationship you don't immediately give a new girlfriend the password to your phone, email or any other private information. The question is, at what point in the relationship, if ever,  is it okay to start letting her have access and/ or control to all of your connections? AND If you have allowed access, would it be okay with you if she deleted … [Read more...]

Nip, Tuck and Pump It Up!

Big Ang

  Let’s see how many brave men out there are willing to answer this series of Man Cave questions.  And if you are too scared then you can always answer anonymously. None the less we are all dying to know the answers.   My how the times have changed.  Now days we see women that have been in television for decades and suddenly turn up looking unrecognizable.  In some instances it's very dramatic and morphed looking.  Even a few male stars are attempting to dip their … [Read more...]

Do Tell

Do Men Gossip?

      For decades, men have been criticizing women for being nosey and gossipy.  But some of us women have witnessed on more than one occasion, men being just as caught up in some juicy info as we get!  Oh yeah…we gotcha!  We think curiosity knows no boundaries. So here comes the big question.   What do you think gentlemen?  Are you as nosey and curious as us women? Or do you think we will always wear the crown on this issue?  Are women the only ones who can't … [Read more...]

Where do you draw the line between being faithful and cheating?

Bill Clinton with cigar

  With Valentines Day upon us, let's talk love. What exactly does being faithful mean to you? Many of us are old enough to remember hearing President Bill Clinton say "I did not have sexual relations with that woman". But it turns out that he was kinda talking technicalities and I believe even die hard Bill Clinton fans will agree that he had indeed crossed the line. In your opinion, what is crossing the line? Does it start with physical contact? Is it secretly meeting someone for … [Read more...]