BAM! Just Like That!

Wanna Betta Butt?

  How many of you have ever bought into the crazy marketing promises we are bombarded with on a daily basis? Marketing gurus play on our weaknesses and the things we are self conscious about. They know just how to get us to pull out our wallet and hand over our money even if we are doubtful that said product would actually give us the results we see on the ads. For some reason, we just keep on hoping and believing.   I’m pretty immune to those ploys at this point in my … [Read more...]

Shopping for Her

Man shopping

  Ok guys, you have been shying away from some of our recent questions so here is a VERY simple one: Do you like your wife/ girlfriend to tell you what gift to get for her or would you rather find something on your own that will surprise her?     … [Read more...]

The Life Aquatic | Maldivian Style

Green in Maldives

Take a dive into this summer's fashion; bright colors, solids and sheer fabrics align the summer trends for resort-ready wear. I took a trip to the Maldives to discover the true inspiration behind summer style. Dita Von Teese, Michael Phelps and Tony Parker are a few to name who have recently visited Rangali Island here in the Maldives. The local fashion scene amongst visitors is serene, lightweight and bright in color. The color scheme is turquoise, red, yellow, orange, green and pink - … [Read more...]

Is an Intervention needed?


Don’t get stuck in a fashion rut, especially if that fashion is listed in the Top Ten worst fashions of any decade. I have to laugh when I look back at old pictures of myself and see the ridiculous things that I proudly wore. Yes, I wore my hair just like the ladies in this photo!   I remember a certain ivory colored, belted shirt-dress that had HUGE shoulder pads. I think that I may have been almost as wide as I am tall in that dress. The shoulder pads had to be a good 8 inches … [Read more...]


New Year's Eve Fashion

Everyone has new hopes for a better self in the new year. The bar is raised to accomplish New Year's resolutions and endeavors. When the clock counts down, be dressed to the nines to introduce yourself to a new number, a new year and a new you. Standing out on New Year's Eve is just one task to pursue. Take the bar to a new height this year while pulling off the look of now. Encompassing hopes for a new year, everyone is dressed to the nines to greet the future in style. Most are not able … [Read more...]

Swim Style | Fringe with Benefits and Retro One Pieces

White Fringe Swimsuit

  Swimsuit season is here! A big trend has made its way onto tops and one pieces everywhere – Fringe!   Fringe has been spotted on apparel this season and has transitioned into swim style.   L Space Swimwear has mastered this look with another huge trend, pops of color! L Space has an amazing assortment of one pieces, triangle tops, and bandeau tops.   The fringe adds movement to your swimwear giving form to any body shape and size. It’s flattering for … [Read more...]

Vera Wang Bridal

Vera Wang Bridal Fashions

Vera Wang releases her 2012 bridal collection in which the largest collection in Texas is housed in Houston at the prestigious boutique Casa De Novia. Brides will not be disappointed with this collection. The designer has the gowns available in various colors that are irrevocably chic and made for a luxe bride vying for something unique and different.  Gowns featured on the floor come in bold reds, soft pinks, dark violet and black. The gowns are featured this way to show the structure, … [Read more...]

Woooooo Hoooooo! Can’t wait to go look for a new swimsuit.

Large Woman in Small Bikini

Ok ladies, swimsuit season is in full swing. I don't personally know any women that look like the supermodels featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. All of us have been through the agonizing moments in the dressing room trying on the dreaded swimsuit. I’m just wondering at what age do you stop caring? I mean really… we ever get over our “problem areas”? I know we all have studied the magazine articles that tell us exactly what style we should wear according to our body … [Read more...]

Wardrobe Mistakes

woman looking in closet

Do you have a closet full of items that you never wear? Some even mocking you because they still have the price tags hanging on them?  Wondering why you ever bought it in the first place. I must admit that I’m guilty of this.  I mean, was I just in the mood to buy something? Did I buy it under pressure, wanting something new for a special event ? Was it a great deal? What on earth was I thinking at the time? On the other hand, do you have a handful of favorite pieces that you wear over and … [Read more...]