It’s your fault if people are walking all over you! WHAT? Wait, that can’t be right. I mean some people are just jerks and think nothing of over stepping boundaries. But that is exactly what I was told all those years ago when my ex and I entered marriage counseling. I was told that I had no clear boundaries and that if I didn’t like the way my husband treated me then it was up to me to set boundaries. Wow! At the time, those words made me really angry. I wanted her to tell him … [Read more...]

What if it takes us over 2 hours to get ready?

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Ok guys, here is your chance to have some input here on Woman's InSite. We have a question from one of our readers just for you. You can leave your response as a comment below or email Kathryn at: and she will publish your InSite. What are your thoughts when we tell you that it takes us 2 1/2 hours to get ready to go somewhere?  And....... how much do you notice things like our manicure, shaved legs, hair color.......? … [Read more...]

Do these jeans make me look fat?

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In between exchanging recipes or chatting about the kids, women often engage in what’s termed “fat talk.” Experts once thought fat talk was reserved for middle school girls, but studies have found that it is a common occurrence in women of all ages, including older women, and even some men do it. Denise Martz of Appalachian State University who co-authored a study on the subject says, “Because women feel pressured to follow the fat talk norm, they are more likely to engage in fat talk … [Read more...]