It’s your fault if people are walking all over you! WHAT? Wait, that can’t be right. I mean some people are just jerks and think nothing of over stepping boundaries. But that is exactly what I was told all those years ago when my ex and I entered marriage counseling. I was told that I had no clear boundaries and that if I didn’t like the way my husband treated me then it was up to me to set boundaries. Wow! At the time, those words made me really angry. I wanted her to tell him … [Read more...]

What if it takes us over 2 hours to get ready?

Woman with hair in rollers

Ok guys, here is your chance to have some input here on Woman's InSite. We have a question from one of our readers just for you. You can leave your response as a comment below or email Kathryn at: and she will publish your InSite. What are your thoughts when we tell you that it takes us 2 1/2 hours to get ready to go somewhere?  And....... how much do you notice things like our manicure, shaved legs, hair color.......? … [Read more...]

Ok, I’m listening!

Woman Plugging her Ears

  I recently received both of these emails on the same morning. Have you ever had the feeling that you were being hit over the head with a message? Well, on this particular morning I certainly did. I had to pause, go back, re-read and really think about what they were saying. It’s a message that I’ve heard many times throughout my life and one that I completely understand. Yet the day that I got BOTH of these in my inbox, I felt like I needed to really zoom in and focus on the … [Read more...]